Luka Modric : A Razor-Blade Midfielder


He may not get the attention as Ronaldo, Bale, Isco and other attacking stars get but you need to understand that he don’t require any recognition from anywhere else in the world to decide how better he is with the ball. Because, he is the one who controls the system of Real Madrid. He had become one of the most instrumental and facilitative player over the past few years and is the main reason for the success of Real Madrid. So, without any delay lets go for the analysis over his abilities and competency.

First of all, lets discuss about his passing abilities. Modric has phenomenal technique and in general, his passing is of no exception. He has the ability to play the long ball out from the defensive third but also has the perfect ability to put the correct amount of power for through balls and thread the needle to put the teammate through on goal. Because of his great passing ability he is trusted to set the tempo for Madrid. He usually changes the point of attack by switching the field combining with short passes in the middle or trying to play that killer ball. And, because of his ability to pass precisely in many different ways, most of his passes hit their target and allow Madrid to retain pocession, keep the ball moving and also in attacking the opponents quickly.

One of the Modric’s attributes that fascinates me the most is his energy in the mid-field. He always seems to be communicated with the team and really is one of those players that always seems to cover every bleed of grass by the end of the game. He works hard to win the ball back on defense and looks equally hard in the attack to make things happen. He is also very quick and light that helps him to be effective throughout the game. Its one thing to have a hardworking player in your team but its a whole other thing to have a hardworking plus energetic player who bags many condusive abilities. Modric is the spectrum of art. Infact, he is a ladder. Not only buzzing around with so much energy, he also has the skill, touch, vision and IQ to do damage with that energy.

Next, Modric is just antithetical to our concept about how a midfielder should be. His potential to connect the defense to attack is sublime. He is tasked to go forward with the ball from the deep, dictate the tempo and play passes over the top or two feet that generally make things happen. What impresses me the most is his ability to operate in risky situation and tight spaces and yet still keep pocession and drive forward. He is so quick with the ball at his feet and has exceptional dribbling abilities and keeps the ball in control that is so hard to get it off him. He drives forward out of defense and quickly set Real Madrid on the way towards attacking their opponents. You mix this ability with his creativity and you have a force of a player but he has the vision and creativity to pick the right pass or do something inventive to set up attacks. He is able to find the more attacking players in his team in a dangerous position.

What’s truely great about Modric is he allows the superstars of Madrid to shine. He does the work of setting of a task, driving out of the back and being the creative force so that the star players can concentrate more on putting the ball in the back of the net.

In my perspective, these are the reasons why Modric is truely a unique player and would be hard to replace when he does end up leaving Real Madrid or decides to hang up his boots. He has been instrumental in Madrid’s recent success and over the last few years. And I can’t think of too many players in the world football that can do what Modric does. This has been my Luca Modric analysis where I’ve gone over, while I believe he is the most important player in Madrid’s team. Now, do you agree or disagree with this analysis either way, let me know down in the comments and let me know whether you believe Modric is one of the most important players in Real Madrid’s team or not.


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